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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Krysztof Soszynski Vs Brandon Vera @ UF 102?

Even though I hate spelling his name, Krysztof Soszynski is one of my fav fighters. He's got the Bas Ruttn bald headedness and love of the kimura. According to mmamania.com and Inside MMA, Soszynski is Brandon Vera's opponent at UFC 102. KICK ASS!

I like Sossyykkksnsszi and I'm psyched to see him at UFC 102 since I have tickets, and it'd be lovely to see him whip up on the overrated Vera.

Krysztof Soszynski Vs Brandon Vera @ UF 102?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Affliction: Trilogy Thoughts

Shame on Josh Barnett. This the match hard core fans have wanted for a long time. Had Pride FC lasted, this match very well might have happened. Thanks to Affliction for booking it. But Josh has to fuck it up.

OK. I'm over it. Somebody's got to fight Fedor. Vitor Belfort has stepped up to the plate along with Josh Monson, Fabricio Werdum, and Brett Rogers... all legitimate heavyweights. But more than likely, it'll be Vitor Belfort, a guy who recently called 185lbs his home. Xtreme Couture coach Shawn Tompkins gives him a good chance and so does Randy Couture. Whatever.

Belfort may be quick, but I don't think he's got what it takes. Belfort has been in some drag out wars and he's lost them all (although he did well in a decison against Tito Ortiz). Fedor Emelianenko is not a walk in the park and he will break Belfort's heart.

I also think Fedor beats Brett Rogers, Jeff Monson, and Fabricio Werdum. Heck, I think he beats Barnett, steriods or not.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just watched Final Conflict 2003 Again

... just saw Big Nog come from behind to beat Cro Cop. Randy Couture was in the announcer's booth on and off through the night.

If someone would have said that Big Nog and Randy would fight....oh that'd be such a great match. Fast forward 3 years. Is it still a great match at UFC 102? Yes, but not quite the same since they're not at their peak. Especially with Big Nog aging quick. I'm still psyched and I bought a ticket. Damn you Joe Silva.

I don't see GSP moving to 185

I don't think Georges St Pierre wants to move to middleweight. Everybody wants him to, but he isn't stoked about the idea. Post fight interview, GSP was saying that he's 185 before his cut to 170.

I'm perfectly content with GSP wiping out the rest of the up and comers at 170.

"He's married to Sable, you'd they do it all the time".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Couture vs Lesnar: Biggest Fight in UFC HIstory?

To call a fight the biggest fight in history before it's happened is sometimes presumtious and setting it up for failure. I hope not. I hope it doesn't end on a freak accident like Cote vs Anderson Silva. That out of the way, this is a big fight because it involves Randy Couture, possibly the greatest, odds defying, and charimatic UFC champ of all time. Anytime he fights, it's a big deal. Not just because of the above mentioned attributes, but because he only takes challenges. Nobody gave him much of a chance before he fought Tim Sylvia, Chuck Liddell (1st time), Gabriel Gonzaga, and the list goes on. This guy wakes up to fight mean guys he's not supposed to beat.

Enter Brock Lesnar. An absolutely huge person. So big his shoulders look like hillsides leading up to an ugly menacing face. He has no neck. Not only is he huge, he's fast and a wrestling force. He's only had 3 MMA fights (2-1), but looked dangerous even in the fight he lost. It's early in his career, but his sheer athleticism, speed, strength, and hunger may tip scales in his favor even against MMA veterans. He may very well be the face and/or champ of the heavyweight division in the near future.

Couture at 45 has been the underdog many many times. He's an oddity. He's never been out of shape in his life, he continues to study and learn the fight game. The Couture we've seen is NOT the Couture of 6 years ago when he lost to Ricco Rodriguez and Josh Barnett. Like I said above, I think Lesnar may be the future champ, but his time isn't here yet. Experience over youth and strength. Not sure how it will look, but the Couture machine will be prepared and survive the early onslaught of Lesnar. Lesnar will fatigue and get lost.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Happened To Mike Brown?

Last night Mike Brown defeated Urijah Faber in the first round.  Impressive display of power.  It was a close fight that until Faber tried a reckless back elbow (ala Anderson Silva vs Tony Fryklund) and ran into a mean right hook from Brown.  From there Brown pounded on Faber until the ref stopped it.

After the post fight interviews, the camera shows Brown being helped to the dressing room noticebly in pain and holding his side.  I was expecting someone to comment on it today, but I've seen nothing.  If Mike Brown was able to break a rib and finish the fight and look and talk normal through post fight interviews, he's one tough SOB.  

The Ultimate Fighter Still Blows

I've dissed the Ultimate Figher Reality show on Spike TV before.  I've tried to watch it because I was interested in the coaches (Couture, Forrest Griffin, Rampage, BJ Penn).  However, I just could not stomach degenerate behavior and too much Dana White.  I stopped watching.  Many other blogger have had the same sentiment in the past, but I just TUF really fell on it's face last night.

From Bloodyelbow.com:

I realize Spike TV has to get edgy in order to get ratings, but this is beyond the pale. They trap bored young men in a house, fuel them with alcohol to their hearts' content, encourage them to find ways around their boredom but do not mind when these fighters act in such a way as to cause revulsion to anyone with any sense of decency.

From Fightlinker.com:

I wish that words alone could describe not only my physical disgust, but my intellectual outrage at the sight of such low grade cruel pranks. The animosity, the cruelty, and the blatant disrespect made me embarrassed to be a fan of MMA. 

On that note, what are some of the sucessful reality competition shows out there?  

I've been subjected to a some of America's Next Top Model lately.  As weird as Tyra Banks and her posse are and for a whiney and childish those girl models are, it is STILL a better show than what I've seen of the Ultimate Fighter. 

Tapout puts together a nice little reality show.  It follows up and comers in the sport of MMA.  It shows the day to day life of fighters, their training camps, and finally the fight itself.  Of course it's not competition show where participants get eliminated, but it's thoughtful and done well without excessive amounts of public urination and alcohol.  

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